What is Media Cafe, as well as its mission, functions and basic terminology
Game Shows - Dreams & Reality
Life Skills Game Shows: Answers Life’s Most Important Questions.
Suggestions from Q&A Developers for Game Infotainment Life Skills Shows
OVERVIEW: Media Cafes is a video media broadcasting business at the intersection of social media, information entertainment, ‘participation’ projects and self-development. Media Cafes provides a variety of interactive projects, competitions, contests and business opportunities that viewers may participate in to benefit themselves, their families, communities and countries. It plans to do this with a video broadcast subscription service via cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, salons, bars, clinics and businesses with video monitors. It strives to achieve this without the negative influences of politics, crime, religion… and without social media’s scandal mongering. We hope you will join us.
Listen to the presentation. Learn how various ‘players’ at Media Cafes function to deliver video broadcasting that could greatly benefit viewers, subscribers and communities where-ever Media Cafes opens. THEN CHOOSE A PARTICIPATION PROJECT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY WOULD MOST LOVE TO BENEFIT FROM.